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hey guys welcome to my website,it is very awesome that you have decided to know more about zande william which is actually me ok lets get into business,to get started i will ask you a very simple grade one question just to cheer you up,the question goes like this=>zande is the son of john so john is the.....................for zande's father.this question might be for grade one but i am very sure that it made you lost in the jungles of zambia,any way if you are interested in knowing more about me just call me on 0979698322,you can find me on facebook with my user name real a jay or you can just visit my other website on and i promise i will get back to you as soon as possible.before i finish i just want to say kubwelela kumbuyo nalikana awe ninebo zande william i live to forgive never lose my temper quick,when the enemy confronts me like a fraud i will never start panicing i am covered by the blood of just be unique and be like zande


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