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hey guys thank you very much for reading my blog,today i have something called zande's quote and they go as follows=>you can not change the way you were but you can change your life through hardworking=>making a name is all about doing something extraordinary and different from others=>who ever is trying to bring you down is below you=>life becomes awesome when you delete the negative people from your life=>take a deep breath its not a bad life its just a bad day=>God mostly uses people who are humble and do not think about themselfs but about others=>mistakesare a proof that someone is learning and trying.thank you very much for reading and my conclusion is that never give up even in your deepest darkness of your situation because God is there observing what you will do next in your life and if you give up that means you have surrenderd to your situation without knowing that the one with the solution for that particular situation is always available and helpful so please lets shame the devil
16 Jun 2018


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